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New York Foreclosure Defense Lawyer


Have you received a notice of foreclosure? Have you defaulted on your mortgage?  In light of the recent economic meltdown, you are not alone.  There are numerous individuals – including professionals – who are in the same situation.  Call the Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi to determine your options for an aggressive and proactive foreclosure defense.

Whether your lender is Freddie Mac or Frannie Mae or whether your home is located in Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Queens, Bronx, New York, Kings or Richmond counties, DO NOT not wait until the last minute to consult with an attorney. Let us effectively intervene on your behalf. We will carefully go over your case and aggressively protect your interests.  We will review your options including litigating the foreclosure action, short sale, a modification agreement with the lender, or a deed in lieu of a foreclosure.

When seeking the services of the Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi, it is important to bring all your documentation and provide us with as much as possible information for us to make an assessment and discuss your options.  No two foreclosure situations are alike.

We ask that you bring your notice of default, any relevant letters and correspondence made at or after default including notices and demands. In a foreclosure action, the content  of the summons is virtually the same as those for other civil lawsuits.  There are certain notices that must be indicated in a summons in an action to foreclose on your property.  A borrower can attack the deficiencies of the complaint or its service through a motion to dismiss. There are also programs available including President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) program.  This program could provide a right to a fair opportunity to seek a modification under government-reduced interest rates.

You – the homeowner – have options.  Even if the bank has sold your home in a foreclosure, it may still be possible to get you money simply for you to leave your home.


Your attorney should have your best interest at heart.  Avoid scams and “foreclosure defense” companies that are not even staffed by attorneys.  Many of these companies charge extremely high prices and take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.  You should also know that some banks have engaged in fraudulent acts including “robo-signing.”  Ensure that you work with a licensed attorney who displays nothing but utmost integrity and professionalism.  We believe in providing clients honest and candid advice so that they can make the most informed choice. Our office provides high-quality legal services at affordable prices.  We will not charge you unless we agree to accept your case.

Call us for a free consultation at (646) 930-4488 and speak directly to a licensed attorney.