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New York and Long Island Robbery Lawyer

Robbery – under the New York Penal Law

According to the NY Penal Law, the act of robbery occurs when in the course of committing a larceny, an individual uses or threatens the immediate use of physical force upon another person for the purpose of:

1) preventing or overcoming resistance to the taking of the property or to the retention thereof immediately after the taking; or

2) compelling the owner of such property or another person to deliver up the property or to engage in other conduct which aids the commission of the larceny.

The New York Penal Law defines robbery as a “forcible stealing.” Robbery is a serious offense due to the violent nature of the crime.  In New York, there is no such a thing as a misdemeanor robbery.  All degrees of robbery are felonies in New York.

Unlike larceny, there is force involved in a robbery  – whether that be a “strong-arm” robbery or when one uses some other type of force.

The penalties for any robbery can be severe and not only include a hefty prison sentence but also involve fines and restitution.  Speak to a New York and Long Island robbery lawyer today and do not delay.  If you decide to delay, there could be serious consequences to your case!

While a robbery in New York is a felony crime, there are different degrees of robberies.  It is critical that you consult with an attorney right away so that your case can be carefully analyzed and an effective defense strategy be employed without delay.

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