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New York Drug Crimes Deportation Defense Lawyer

Were you charged with a drug crime and are not a U.S. citizen?  Whether one was charged with sale or possession of narcotics, the most appropriate thing for an individual to do is consult with an experienced removal defense attorney who will ensure that one’s rights are protected.  A knowledgeable immigration lawyer can carefully analyze your case and provide guidance on the best course of action.

Former Plain Clothes Narcotics Officer on Your Side

As a former narcotics officer, allow Immigration Attorney Kyce Siddiqi to employ time, resources and effort to fully identify the issues surrounding your drug charge.  Each situation is different and we take time to carefully listen to your story and build a powerful defense.

Keep in mind that with most drug charges, an individual may be facing mandatory detention if one is in immigration custody.  There are a range of strategies an immigration attorney can employ to lessen the immigration consequences involving a drug charge.

You should know that generally, a conviction involving drug sales or drug possession with an intent to sell may be deemed an aggravated felony and therefore result in disastrous consequences.

These consequences include being ineligible for applying for cancellation of removal.  You should hire an experienced immigration attorney who can closely work with you and your criminal defense lawyer to craft a proper strategy to lessen the immigration impact.

In all cases however, it would be to your absolute benefit to act quick.  You should know that many drug cases are treated severely by New York as well as ICE prosecutors.   Whatever options that are selected, you should recognize that drug charges – even those which are considered minor – may have serious, life-changing consequences.  Don’t let this incident ruin your future!

Mandatory Detention in Aggravated Felony and Controlled Substance Offense Convictions 

Whether you are facing charges involving cocaine, heroin, or meth, a pending case can be nerve-racking and dominate your thoughts and life, as it may involve “mandatory detention” with no eligibility for bond.

Immigration Attorney Kyce Siddiqi was formerly part of the “system” as he served as an NYPD plain clothes narcotics officer who employed “buy and bust” operations.  He not only domestic experience but has worked overseas in numerous counter-narcotics advisory roles. When you are charged with possession or sale of drugs, contact us for a consultation at (646) 930-4488.