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New York & Long Island Asylum Attorney

Asylum is based on the notion of relieving an individual from persecution or torture if this person returns to their foreign country.  Simply put, asylum is a threat to freedom or life or the infliction of harm or suffering upon an individual who differs in a manner that is deemed offensive.  Cases involving asylum claims are often viewed under a more careful eye in light of the amount of asylum cases filed.  A case that is thoroughly and carefully prepared may help the applicant in establishing that he or she is a “refugee” within the meaning of the Immigration & Nationality Act.

Receiving a Grant of Asylum 

An asylum applicant must demonstrate that the persecution is on the “account of” one the following five specified grounds:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity or National Origin
  • Religious beliefs
  • Political opinion
  • Membership in a particular social group

A person need not have actually endured persecution in the past to be eligible for asylum.  An individual may qualify for asylum if the person has a well-founded fear of future persecution. Additionally, in well-founded fear cases, the applicant need not establish that he or she would be singled out if there is a pattern of persecution of people who are similarly situation.  Let attorney Kyce Siddiqi, an immigrant himself, help you prepare an asylum application during the appropriate time period.

One-Year Time Limit and Mandatory Denial of Aggravated Felons

Generally, the applicant should file for asylum within one year after arrival in the United States. Certain exceptions apply however; namely, if there are changed circumstances that exist in the country that materially affect eligibility for asylum or circumstances that are extraordinary that relate to the untimely filing.  One will face mandatory denial of their asylum application if one is a convicted aggravated felon.

Your New York and Long Island Asylum Attorney 

An international-minded lawyer who formerly worked on behalf of the U.S. State Department abroad, Attorney Kyce Siddiqi recognizes the complex intricacies of Asylum law and understands the difficulties you may be going through when being persecuted in your country.    Accordingly, you should be prepared to work very close with Attorney Kyce Siddiqi who will help you identify a range of corroborating evidence including but not limited to police reports, medical and hospital documents, witness statements, country condition reports as well as other forms of evidence.  We want to win your case for you.  Contact the Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi today.