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New York Humanitarian Parole Lawyer

Humanitarian Parole

Humanitarian Parole serves as a discretionary benefit that would allow an individual who is otherwise inadmissible to enter the United States for a limited period of time.  A grant of humanitarian parole is discretionary and does not constitute as an admission.

 An individual may be eligible for Humanitarian Parole if this person:

  • Has an emergency or medical reason;
  • Has judicial proceedings;
  • Is a child under 16 in need of family reunification; or
  • Has some other kind of emergency situation.

Parole Authority and Application

Any individual in the United States may apply on behalf of another person.  Alternatively, the prospective parolee can even self petition if this individual is outside of the United States.  Generally, requests should be sent to USCIS (Humanitarian Affairs Branch or “HAB”).  The request, along with the applicable fee, should include an I-131, I-134 as well as documentary evidence of the humanitarian need with detailed information concerning how the prospective parolee would be cared for, accommodated and supported.  Other documents that should be included are explanations on why the prospective parolee could not obtain waivers of inadmissibility if applicable, or the reason why a non-immigrant visa could not be obtained from the Department of State.  If the request involves a Humanitarian Medical Parole, the requester should obtain a medical doctor’s note regarding the medical condition along with an explanation on why a neighboring or home country of the prospective parolee cannot provide treatment in addition to how long would the treatment is expected to last as well as the cost and how the treatment would be paid for.

A parole request may also be sent to ICE who may grant Humanitarian Parole if there is a significant public benefit related to a criminal, intelligence or other law enforcement issue.  ICE may also grant parole to a person with final orders of removal. CBP may also grant humanitarian parole at the port of entry.


Generally, appeal requests are adjudicated in approximately three months.  If granted, the parole will be for the duration of the exigent or emergency situation.  Humanitarian Parole is generally not granted for more than a year.  If one is denied, there is no appeal.  If new facts, evidence and circumstances arise however, one may file another Humanitarian Parole request.  If you are seeking the assistance of attorney with your Humanitarian Parole request, allow the Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi to help.