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Real Estate

Intelligent and Strategic Representation

The Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi recognizes that your home is one of your greatest assets.  We also understand the enormous amount of stress and anguish that can arise from a foreclosure or a real estate closing.  A solution-centric lawyer with a record of pacifying stress-filled situations, Attorney Kyce Siddiqi will explore every available legal option with you.

We do not treat you like a “number” and Attorney Kyce Siddiqi does not take a “cookie-cutter” approach.  Dedicated and caring, Attorney Kyce Siddiqi will carefully listen to your concerns and handle your case with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.  Simply put, courtesy, justice and truth is the hallmark of our law firm.  We also do not shy away from a challenge and will fight to preserve your interests and protect your rights.

Attorney Kyce Siddiqi provides cost-effective representation in the following real estate matters:

Understanding Your Needs

Closings and foreclosures undoubtedly involve a lot of emotion.  This is why we will gather with you to develop a strategy to effectively pursue your goal. We recognize that every situation is different and unique.  We will handle your case personally and thoroughly, and will provide you with prompt updates as they come.

Your case will not go through an assembly line process where you have a team of paralegals or assistants handling your case.  The Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi refuses to take a quantity over quality approach.  You should feel confident knowing that a licensed attorney and NOT a case manager or legal assistant is working on matters pertaining to one of the greatest assets you have – your hard-earned real estate.

Trust your case to someone who actually cares about the results.  You can reduce or prevent stress by selecting an attorney wisely.  Specifically, an attorney who will answer your calls and e-mails promptly and who treats each client as an individual.  From the moment we accept a case, we devote our attention, time, and resources to fight for the best possible result.

For the affordable and diligent legal representation that you deserve, call Attorney Kyce Siddiqi at (646) 930-4488.